Rites of Spring!

We’re back from the mountain, where we had a wonderful time, despite rain, wind, cold, and even some hail!  I’m looking forward to sharing lots more about Rites with you soon, but in the meantime, here’s a photo from the very end, when the sun showed her face again and there was much rejoicing!

Our beautiful lake

If you were able to join us, tell us about one lovely moment.

One thought on “Rites of Spring!

  1. There was more than one memory of this year’s Rites that will remain in my heart. One memory that stands out is singing “Here Comes the Sun” with a group of smiling participants prior to brunch in Monday morning. I also appreciated that my daughter connected with kids who are respectful to the environment and to human differences. She stayed up all night to watch the sun rise with them. She seemed to delight in that particular event. I am grateful to Earthspirit for putting so much efforts into Rites and other joyous events!

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