EarthSpirit Visions

EarthSpirit Visions is a place for EarthSpirit Community members to offer images that open conversations with the places where Earth and Spirit meet.  You are invited to participate.

EarthSpirit Visions began its Instagram (IG) presence @EarthSpiritVisions in May of 2021 where EarthSpirit Visions Core Team members have been posting nature images each day.  Now, 3 months later, with a formal public launch, the team welcomes EarthSpirit Community members to share nature photography with one another and the larger community.

Our Story

In October of 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, EarthSpirit Community hosted Twilight Covening, its long-time running outdoor gathering, virtually for the first time. The Cormorant Clan made good use of the available technology. We spent the weekend-long ritual, shifting our awareness and walking out into the world with eyes and lenses focused on moments where earth and spirit meet. We took pictures and brought those images back to share with each other online. This sparked the idea of creating a platform to continue posting our visions and inspiring each other through photographs. 

Can I contribute if I’m not a professional photographer?

The short answer is Yes! We are open to all experience levels. 

This forum is not about photography technique or having the snazziest equipment. It is about capturing an image with intention; sharing a glimpse of your vision of the mystery. Take a look at our definition of Visions Photography, and use it in the photographs you capture to share with us. 

To make sharing our vision coherent, we hold a specific focus for each month – themes that coincide with the lunar cycle.  All members of the EarthSpirit Community are invited to submit their photographs by the Focus due dates according to our submission process and guidelines

What do we mean when we say “Visions Photography”?

Visions photography is intentional. It refers to the photographs you take when you open yourself to the world and mystery around you, through breath, through meditation, through trance, through your own path there, opening yourself to seeing with a new perspective. In visions photography, aim to capture the moments of intersection where spirit meets Earth. Visions photography can be of any subject, indoors or outdoors, the middle of the woods or in a busy city. It is about the inner state and intention of the photographer when the photograph is taken. We invite you to play with this, try it on, use it in your photography.

How to submit your photographs

The EarthSpirit Visions Core Team invites you to submit your photos for publication on the EarthSpirit Visions Instagram page.

Submit photos with this form. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload and submit files. 

Suggested photo file formats are here

If you are unable to utilize our form for photo submission, please contact us at

The focus shifts with the Lunar Cycles

Our monthly focus and submission dates are listed here. Please submit no more than three (3) photos per focus (month), and kindly fill out a separate form for each photo submitted. 

Please read through these instructions carefully before submitting your photos. 

All photos should follow the current focus theme and be:

  • of your own original work
  • acceptable for audiences of all ages

We will not accept:

  • Photos where individuals are clearly identifiable.
  • Photographs that are in violation of Instagram’s community guidelines
  • Photographs that are taken of people during ritual (we believe that ritual photography is sacred, and because we cannot guarantee that the individuals pictured have consented to having their images captured in that context we will not be accepting them at this time)  
  • Photographs that are hateful against any individual or group of people, this includes but is not limited to photographs that have racist, homophobic or transphobic themes, references, or undertones.

Focus Schedule and Deadlines

MoonSubmission TimelinePosting DatesFocus
MayMar 29 to Apr 27May 1 to May 29Breathe in the Skies
JuneMay 10 to June 14Jun 28 to Jul 27Signs of the Season: Spring

Suggested photo file formats:  JPEG or PNG limited to the following sizes:

  • 1080 x 1080px square 
  • 1080 x 608px landscape/horizontal
  • 1080 x 1350px portrait/vertical

By submitting photos through our form, you authorize the EarthSpirit Community to use this image in future mediums such as blogs, webpages, educational material, etc. 

EarthSpirit may also contact you to use full size web/print quality photos in other media. (with credit to you). Please save your file with the following name: 

Month year your name Full (example May 2021 Jane Smith Full)

If you are unable to utilize our form for photo submission, please contact us at

Current Focus:
Breathe in the Skies
May 1-29, 2022