Earth Father

by Starwind

We sing of the Mother
The Nourishment
The Beauty
But lately
I am reminded
Of the Earth Father
While the Mother rages
In storms
In Change
In all the ways of nature
It is the Father that reminds us
To be Stable in the midst of change
To be Still in the midst of fury
To protect the gifts
The Beauty
The Nourishment
In times of stormy rages
Shelter from the storm
Bedrock to rest upon
Teller of stories
Wisdom Keeper
Yes, Earth Father speaks to us
A different language
If we are still within
(in memory of Chet Sawyer)

One thought on “Earth Father

  1. i LOVE this! I came to Paganism in part because of deep wounds inflicted by male religion and my male family members. It has been in only the last 20 months that I've come to seek the God as well as the Goddess, and it has been one of the most healing and empowering experiences of my life. Thank You for a beautiful reminder of how much is available to us when we are able and willing to seek, embrace, and allow.

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