Wandering Into Magic – A Labyrinth Experience at Rites of Spring

by Tracy Andryc

Over the past ten years I have had the honor and pleasure of creating labyrinths, both temporary and permanent. On beaches, through feet of snow, in groves and halls I have collaborated on labyrinth creation, but none as magical as the one this year at Rites of Spring.

The construction of a labyrinth can often be a heavily intellectual experience. It takes a good deal of thought and planning to lay the pattern correctly but also in concordance with the environment. Much of the time it can be a challenge to maintain a ritual focus when doing this part of the work. With support, I was able to devise a way to create an organic labyrinth design working with the land in the Green Ones Shrine.

A group of inspiring and creative people came together for Village Builders to create a sanctuary that was in harmony with the land and its beings. We gathered in the center of the pine grove with half our group holding the container around the outer edge. The five of us, in procession, began to walk a path out from the center leaving a trail of white yarn. As we walked a path into the earth we were guided by the land through rocks and trees, roots and brush. We had brought forth a sacred labyrinth pattern that was unique to that space and time and was guided by the collective energy there. 

Using fallen branches, logs, rocks and leaf piles we created the walls to delineate the path circuits. The result was a natural, sacred shrine that radiated peace and harmony. Meandering the path of this 60 foot labyrinth in the pine grove seems to have brought a sense of stillness and tranquility to many people.

I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with the Red Maple Grove. Their presence and willingness to open themselves to divine guidance facilitated a unique experience for themselves and the community. I cherish the sacredness of those moments we created magic and walked a path together

4 thoughts on “Wandering Into Magic – A Labyrinth Experience at Rites of Spring

  1. Opportunities to do some real magical work are few and far between for me at Rites; I'm typically so focused on community and my staff responsibilities that there just isn't time. So creating sacred space in collaboration with Tracy, Red Maple Grove and the Green Ones of the mountain was a rare privilege. And walking the labyrinth under the Full Moon was another. Thank you to all who held space there.

  2. I must admit that the labyrinth beneath those hemlock trees was one of the most magical I have ever seen. Thanks for your creation!

  3. It was a gorgeous and truly magickal thing, and I was pleased to have brought a bit of my own magick to it. Thanks for asking my harp and I to be a part of this year's labyrinth, and I hope it's done similarly next year!

  4. It was a very magical experience to have the freedom to create a labyrinth outside the confines of expectation. We let the land show us the paths of power and incorporated all the beings we were able to find in that place; spiders, rocks, trees, dead leaves and living roots. The interplay of light between the sun and moon changed the energy from moment to moment. This was one of my most powerful labyrinth building experiences I have experienced and I am grateful to the community for providing the space for it!

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