Spring Equinox morning

by Moira Ashleigh
Male Swan in Display by Mogrianne
Walking, sunk in the Spring tapestry, occasionally jarred by discordant people chatter. I am aware of how people stay tight focused on people, almost as if to keep the fearsome Nature away. Not wanting to drop into the rock stillness, the Spring river current, the mirror clear pond showing them that they are only a small part of a bigger whole. I hear them chatter to make themselves bigger, much like the geese to claim their small territory. Posturing like the swan, to fend off anything coming near. Myopic focus on themselves, their story, their drama. Because if it is important enough, then they are important enough not to be lost, Not to be forgotten, not to be so small that they do not matter. Then I sink back down into the now of roots, rot and new life stirring just walking in the energy.

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